Ferrari Cat White Bedroom Set

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About Ferrari Cat White Bedroom Set

It's a 3 piece bedroom set including 3 door wardrobe, studying desk and dresser. Boys are captivated by racing cars, sports etc, This bedroom set is specially designed for boys on the theme of racing. Decor your kids bedroom with cat racing car bedroom set.

Set comprises of Spacious 3 door wardrobe with sports track painted on 2 doors and one is in plain red color, A dresser with 3 drawers for storage and a spacious studying desk with wide working area and top shelves for books. Furniture is embedded with wheel shaped knobs which gives an interesting look.


  • It's a 3 piece racing theme Bedroom set for boys include 3 door wardrobe, studying desk and dresser.
  • Available in White and Red color combination.
  • 3 door wardrobe include 2 white doors with racing track painted and 1 red color door.
  • Spacious study table.
  • Dresser include 4 drawers for storage.
  • Cat car bedroom furniture is made from ABS-wooden, perfect according to health point of view.
Type 3 Piece Bed Set (3 door Wardrobe, Studying desk, Dresser)
Color Red and White Color
Material ABS Wooden
Installation guide Available
2 door Wardrobe dimension 67cmx94cmx206cm
Studying desk dimension 59cmx112cmx157cm
Dresser Dimension 44cmx72cmx82cm
Single door Wardrobe dimension 60cmx45cmx196cm
2 door Wardrobe (Total Package) Total Package:2, Total Volume: 0.35m3, Total Weight: 115Kg
2 door Wardrobe (Package 1) 209cmx72cmx12cm Dimension, 0.21m3 Volume, 70Kg Weight
2 door Wardrobe (Package 2) 190cmx50cmx14cm Dimension, 0.14m3 Volume, 45Kg Weight
Single door Wardrobe (Total Package) Total Packages:1, 190cmx64cmx15cm Dimension, 0.21m3 Volume, 63Kg Weight
Study Desk (Total Package) Total Packages:2, Total Volume: 0.25m3, Total Weight: 50Kg
Study Desk (Package 1) 126cmx63cmx17cm Dimension, 0.13m3 Volume, 33Kg Weight
Study Desk (Package 2) 110cmx89cmx12cm Dimension, 0.12m3 Volume, 17Kg Weight
Dresser (Total Package) Total Packages:1, 86cmx49cmx27cm Dimension, 0.11m3 Volume, 37Kg Weight
Ferrari Cat White Bedroom Set