Ferrari Racer Black Bedroom Set

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About Ferrari Racer Black Bedroom Set

It's a 3 piece black Ferrari racer car bedroom set which comprises of elegant racer desk for study purpose, Gas station chest of drawers equipped with overhead storage box, display shelf, detachable petrol hose pump and spacious three door wardrobe having plenty of storage space for clothes, toy, and other stuff. It's actually a kids bedroom set with each producs design based on theme of Ferrari cars

This 3 piece black car Bedroom set is made of ABS shiny material. It's color is very bright and attractive. Materials and raw materials use in our products are in line with quality and health standards and is environment friendly.


  • Our racing car bedroom set is made from ABS wooden material.
  • Ferrari kids bedroom set is available in 4 different colors: Red, White, Black, Yellow
  • Ferrari 3 Door spacious wardrobe with plenty of storage space Gas station chest of drawers equipped with overhead storage box, display shelf, detachable petrol hose pump.
  • Elegant colored racer study desk with large working area and small stationary compartments.
  • All 3 pieces are easy to assemble, installation guide will be provided.
  • Premium quality 3 piece Ferrari bedroom set available at most reasonable price.
Type 3 Piece bedroom set (3 door Wardrobe, Studying desk, Gas station chest of drawers)
Color Black, White, Yellow,Red
Material ABS Wooden
Installation guide Available
2 door Wardrobe dimension 61cm x 90cmx 206cm
Studying desk dimension 70cm x 110cm x 100cm
Gas station Chest of Drawers Dimension 61cmx 90cm x 145cm
Single door Wardrobe dimension 65cm x 45cm x 196cm
2 door Wardrobe (Total Package) Total Package:2, Total Volume: 0.27m3, Total Weight: 106Kg
2 door Wardrobe (Package 1) 190cmx64cmx15cm Dimension, 0.18m3 Volume, 69Kg Weight
2 door Wardrobe (Package 2) 95cmx64cmx14cm Dimension, 0.09m3 Volume, 37Kg Weight
Single door Wardrobe (Total Package) Total Packages:1, 190cmx64cmx21cm Dimension, 0.26m3 Volume, 63Kg Weight
Study Desk (Total Package) Total Packages:1, 114cmx81cmx27cm Dimension, 0.25m3 Volume, 35Kg Weight
Gas Station (Total Packages) Total Package:3, Total Volume: 0.35m3, Total Weight: 61Kg
Gas Station (Pacakge 1) 145cmx38cmx40cm Dimension, 0.22m3 Volume, 19Kg Weight
Gas Station (Pacakge 2) 86cmx49cmx27cm Dimension, 0.11m3 Volume, 37Kg Weight
Gas Station (Pacakge 3) 71cmx71cmx3cm Dimension, 0.02m3 Volume, 5Kg Weight
Ferrari Racer Black Bedroom Set