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Olixar 100W Braided USB-C To C Charging Cable - Black

Olixar 100W Braided USB-C To C Charging Cable - Black
Olixar 100W Braided USB-C To C Charging Cable - Black
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Why Buy?

  • Charges a range of devices
  • USB-C creates faster charging
  • 1.5m length
  • Charge and sync
  • Designed specifically for 100W power
  • Adapts to device

Imagine you want to go out, but your phone battery is too low or you have 10 minutes till your submission deadline, and your Macbook is about to die. Luckily, with the 100W USB-C to C charging cable, you can charge your device quickly - allowing you to get that submission out and go out with your friends faster, secure in the knowledge that your phone will have charge for your next adventure. Plus, if that wasn't enough, the cable is made from tough, durable, braided material - allowing it to be long-lasting; with Olixar's 100W Braided USB-C to C Black Charging Cable, you no longer have to worry about flimsy chargers breaking and instead can enjoy your day with a fully charged battery instead.

Charges a range of devices

A great benefit of the USB-C to C cable is that it can charge a range of devices. This includes many Android devices, the iPad Air 4, iPad Pro's and post-2017 Macbooks. This means that you can just carry one cable around with you to charge numerous of your devices. Imagine you're on a train and you're doing some work whilst listening to music and you need to charge your phone, so you plug in your USB-C to C cable. Once that's charged your Macbook is low on charge, so you then can put that on charge too - all without having to change cables. 

USB-C creates faster charging

As technology develops, chargers do too. If combining the 100W charging cable with a USB-C charger, your phone can charge up to 5x faster - meaning you don't need to keep your phone on charge over night and damage the battery. Instead, you can put it on when needed, get on with something else, and take it out less than 2 hours later. This time extra power means less responsibility - what more could you want?

1.5m length

Imagine what you can do with a 1.5m braided, durable cable that you couldn't before? You can toss and turn in bed, whilst keeping your iPad Air 4 on charge. Or, if you're at a hotel and they don't have plugs near your bed (one of the biggest annoyances of hotels), this lead may be able to reach your bed, allowing you to charge your phone comfortably. 

Charge and sync

Not only can this device be used to charge your Macbook, it can also be used to charge and sync your device to your laptop. This helps provide an extra level of security for your phone, as your photos and videos will also be on your laptop - so  if anything happens, you've always got a back-up.  

Designed specifically for 100W power

USB-C circuit boards are specially designed to carry this increased wattage without being damaged or overheating, for enhanced safety to users and their devices. 

Adapts to device

Whether you're charging a Macbook or an Android device, the USB-C technology will adapt to the device providing great versatility and allowing you to use the cable on many of your devices. So, if your device is an 18W device, it will adapt to provide 18W, if your new iPad is 27W then it will provide 27W or if your Macbook is 100W, it will give 100W of power. This ensures fast charging, without delivering too much power which could damage the circuitry. 

This is just a charging cable - it still needs inputting into a USB-C charger

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Part No OLX-82893
UPC 5056208152077
Mobile Fun ID 82893
Colour Black

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